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Following to Lead with Kevin East

Apr 26, 2021

Years ago, Rick Betenbough and his dad asked themselves a simple question about the business they were building, "If we have success, could we honor God?"  Rick shares the amazing journey that question kicked off in his business.

He came to realize it wasn't just about making money and giving it away, it was about...

Apr 19, 2021

We are all called to make disciples, yet most of us are not intentional about this call of God on our life. We don't tell God that we will not, but we crowd our lives so full of other things that we ignore God's call. 

Natasha Sistrunk Robinson joins Kevin today and they unpack her book, Mentor for Life. She encourages...

Apr 5, 2021

You hear a lot of discussions today about diversity and being multiethnic. What does it mean? How do you go about changing? 

Kevin welcomes pastor, author, and speaker Dr. Bryan Loritts back onto Following to Lead today laying a biblical foundation for being a multiethnic ministry or business. Join them as they...

Apr 5, 2021

Do you want your ministry to become more diverse, but you don't know where to start? 

Years ago Mentoring Alliance decided it would become an intentionally multiethnic ministry. It was written into the core values. Join Kevin and three members of his staff as they talk about pursuing oneness with diversity.

Kevin and...