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Following to Lead with Kevin East

Aug 30, 2021

Everyone wants a mentor. Most people don't feel like they can be a mentor. Maybe that's you. Listen in today as Kevin and Zach Garza talk about the need for mentor and how you, YES YOU, can be a mentor.

"What they (at-risk kids) need more than education is someone to look up to, someone to guide them in faith, someone...

Aug 23, 2021

Peter Greer of HOPE International joins Kevin on the podcast today to talk about several aspects of kingdom living and how they apply in the workplace. Peter has co-authored over 10 books.

Kevin and Peter talk through three of his books today: Mission Drift, Rooting for Rivals and Created to Flourish. You will be...

Aug 16, 2021

We are all designed uniquely by God with a unique purpose to fulfill. While this is an amazing and wonderful truth, it brings challenges when applied to the realm of parenting. How do you steward each child so that they can grow into the person God created them to be?

Bill Hendricks joins Kevin on the podcast today to...

Aug 9, 2021

As we begin to come back from only virtual church meetings, you might be wondering if you really need to attend church in person again. If churches are producing excellent online content, do I really need to attend church in person? Pastor David Daniels joins Kevin on the podcast today to answer this question.


Aug 2, 2021

Today on the podcast Kevin is joined by his very own firstborn son, Walker East! Join in the fun conversation as they talk through the four hats of financial responsibility that parents can teach their children - the master, the investor, the steward, and the sower.

Learn how these teaching your children these four...