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Following to Lead with Kevin East

Aug 30, 2021

Everyone wants a mentor. Most people don't feel like they can be a mentor. Maybe that's you. Listen in today as Kevin and Zach Garza talk about the need for mentor and how you, YES YOU, can be a mentor.

"What they (at-risk kids) need more than education is someone to look up to, someone to guide them in faith, someone to show them the way." God uses broken people to build his kingdom. If you can just give Jesus your "yes", he can do the rest. Don't miss this amazing episode on mentoring and be encouraged to find someone in your life to mentor.

Check out Zach's book, You Can Mentor! Learn more at You can find Zach's podcast on mentoring on the website. If you live in the Tyler or Waco area and want to sign up to be a mentor, visit our website,