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Following to Lead with Kevin East

Mar 7, 2022

For parents, some questions are difficult to answer. A lot of them are related to sexuality. Kevin East sits with Dr. Juli Slattery, clinical psychologist, author, speaker, and host of the Authentic Intimacy Podcast, to talk about this and how we can approach it with our kids.


Dr. Slattery comments on her recommendations on how to speak to your kids about sex and shares practical tips such as:

  • Normalizing the conversation.
  • Taking advantage of the teaching moments to have discussions about the topic.
  • Asking and listening about what they know from friends and school.

It also speaks about gender and body dysmorphia and the importance of history on this matter. 


This conversation explains what sexual discipleship is related to a biblical perspective and the difference between education and discipleship in the current worldview in our culture. Dr. Slattery shares some advice from parents and reflects on the importance of a counselor or mentor for kids. 


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Authentic Intimacy


Podcast: Java with Juli


Book: “Rethinking Sexuality” Juli Slattery