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Following to Lead with Kevin East

Mar 14, 2022

Kevin East talks with John Ramstead; CEO of Beyond Influence and executive leadership coach, to talk about an accident he had back in 2011 and how it changed everything for him, from a Ramstead drifting away from his relationship with Jesus to standing in God´s presence and being touched by His unconditional love. Alongside, John shares his path to become a fight fighter pilot. Through the episode, Ramstead emphasizes the importance of understanding the nature of God, how God sees us, to realize how to become our best version and leaders that lead following Jesus.

Leading is not only a business matter, but it´s also about families. Into this topic, Ramstead discusses approaching your kids about core values and sharing their importance in life. And Understanding how God created us can change our lives and let us be out of smoldering discontent places.

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Book: On Purpose With Purpose: Discovering How to Live Your Best Life by John Rammstead