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Following to Lead with Kevin East

Mar 21, 2022

In today´s episode, Kevin East sits with Craig Glass, director of Peregrine Ministries, to have a conversation about men and the way to find their north star, their mission in life.

In leadership, Glass shares what inspires people the most in the workplace from his experience as a leader: authenticity and the importance of paying attention to your emotions, actions, and words. He also talks about his ministry, Peregrine Ministries, and the three clues that will help you discover your north star and how suffering can change your perspective in finding your life mission that God has called you.

Glass shares some final advice about being a father and leader in your family as you help your boys transition into men without living a self-centered life.

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Noble Journey. The Quest for a Lasting Legacy
Craig M. Glass

Passage to Manhood: Field Guide
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