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Following to Lead with Kevin East

Mar 28, 2022

It´s a fact that technology changes the way we live, how we access information, and how we interact with others. It has also changed our character by making us impatient people.

Dealing with technology is one of the most challenging topics to manage in parenting. To talk about how we can safely lead our kids to use technology as a tool and not a toy, Kevin East interviews Dr. Kathy Koch, President and founder of a Ministry called Celebrate Kids, to reflect on technology and kids.

Dr. Kathy speaks about the lies that technology teaches our kids and how to counter those lies with biblical truths and helpful practices. Dr. Kathy reflects on a question that many parents have in their heads: when is an appropriate time to give my kids a phone or a device? She also talks about video games and how to have a meaningful conversation with your child.

Don´t miss her last piece of advice for parents.

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Screens and Teens: Connecting with Our Kids in a Wireless World
Dr. Kathy Koch

Celebrate Kids