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Following to Lead with Kevin East

Apr 11, 2022

In this podcast episode, Kevin East sits with Gary Thomas and talks about his books, lessons learned, and practical gems that every listener needs to hear. Gary talks about how marriage is not just about our happiness but our holiness. He shares what it is like to lead your family spiritually and how spiritual formation should focus on you before your spouse.

They talk about the importance for couples to seek to grow in righteousness, stay in the word, pray for each other, and how it impacts who we are. Gary also talks about the “cherish challenge” for couples and what it means to love and cherish. He also speaks about toxic relationships and how to go about them. He mentions the difference between toxic and difficult people and how unhealthy people rob us of our healthy relationships. In addition, Gary touches on transforming a tired marriage into a much better one filled with awe and respect. He also talks about having both qualitative and quantitative measures for marriage. Finally, he explains what seeking the kingdom of God, and His righteousness means to families. In this episode, you will also hear Gary's parenting advice and how parenting helps you learn more about yourself. 

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