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Following to Lead with Kevin East

Nov 1, 2021

Chrystal Evans Hurst joins Kevin in her relational communications style to talk about growing up in a famous Christian family. Her well-known father, Dr. Tony Evans, and mother looked at Chrystal and each of her siblings with an eye towards their giftings and how God could use each of them individually with their unique talents and skillsets.

Chrystal shares what it means to be an integrator, and how her love of music, women’s ministry, and helping in practical ways shows her love for God and love for people. She answers questions like what does it look like to be a woman God can use in practical everyday ways? And what does God say about a woman’s value, whether she’s single or married? And how does she balance the demands of life while pursuing a heart that loves Jesus and a life that honors Him? 

Co-written with Dr. Tony Evans, Chrystal describes her first book “Kingdom Woman” as Real Life meets Dallas Theological Seminary.

Throughout the podcast, Chrystal talks eloquently about the different seasons of a woman’s life: life at work, life at home, seasons of rearing children, supporting a spouse, caring for elderly parents, etc.  and the mistake many women make by trying to do and be everything at the same time.

Chrystal shares thoughts on her book “She’s Still There” of how God moved her from a season of personal pain to discovering the girl God called Chrystal to be. She gives a clear clarion call to honesty about who you really are the need to recalibrate when you get off track. Things get personal when Kevin asks about the role fathers can have in the lives of their daughters. 

Towards the end of the podcast, Kevin asks Chrystal some real-life questions about his role as a white father of a black daughter.  Chrystal hits it out of the park with her thoughtful answer as to some of the things Kevin is doing well and some things he could do better.

Today’s episode will encourage you to take a fresh look at your life and see who God has made you be, where you are, and how you can make course corrections to get to where He wants you to be.

Chrystal Evans Hurst is the author of Kingdom Woman, She’s Still There, Show Up For Your Life, and The 28-Day Prayer Journey. Learn more about Chrystal at