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Following to Lead with Kevin East

Apr 4, 2022

What is it like to parent kids today in our modern culture today? Kevin East and Ryan Dobson sit down to talk about the struggles, the joy, the pain of raising kids in our modern culture, and even more.

Marriage and parenting are in a state where we need something different and unique. Ryan Dobson calls that approach “Leading a rebellion”. In this podcast, Ryan talks about how the home should be the greatest experience and how you can make changes to improve things by focusing on Christ and not on culture. Ryan Dobson also talks about his relationship with his dad growing up and gave some pointers to other parents. He also mentions the importance of thankfulness, speaking grace to your kids, letting them know when you fail and that there are consequences for every action they take. He also delves into moral relativism and how to help your kids in a world where everything seems relative. It is a reminder to parents that it’s okay not to be okay.

Don’t miss this episode as it’s packed full of practical gems!

Follow Jesus, Lead Different.

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