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Following to Lead with Kevin East

Nov 9, 2020

In Matthew 6:33 we are exhorted to seek first the kingdom of God. What does that look like? How did Jesus model that for us on this earth? 

Join Kevin as he talks with Dr. Albert Reyes, President & CEO of Buckner International about God's kingdom here on earth. The ideas of hope, peace, and justice are available for us right now. 

"I've never met anyone who was willing to reschedule hope or delay it." Hope is available right now to the people who need it. With hope comes peace in the form of the Prince of Peace. The Prince of Peace brings His kingdom into our lives. Justice shows up when the kingdom shows up. 

Join Kevin and Dr. Reyes on this fascinating discussion that walks through Luke 10.

For more information on Dr. Reyes and his books, check out these websites: