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Following to Lead with Kevin East

Nov 23, 2020

Julie Connor, the Mentoring Alliance's Staff Catalyst, joins Kevin on the podcast today to discuss the Mentoring Alliance's nine team values. As a rubric for the organization to guide HOW they will accomplish their core values, these team values are foundational to the organization. 

In today's episode, they will discuss why these team values exist, how they came into existence, and the role in which they play within the organization. Additionally, the first four team values, as listed below, are explained in detail.

1. Follow Jesus

2. Celebrate the One

3. Make It Better

4. Eyes Wide Open

Join Julie and Kevin next week as they continue to discuss the other five team values which make up the foundation of who the Mentoring Alliance is and strives to be as an organization. Be sure to email us at for a copy of our team values today!