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Following to Lead with Kevin East

Dec 7, 2020

Those born within the years 1985-2000 are affectionately categorized and known as “millennials”. As they make up our young adult generation of today, there’s a necessity to understand them, engage with them, and help mobilize them to lead Godly lives. 

Today, Grant Skeldon, author of “The Passion Generation: The Seemingly Reckless, Definitely Disruptive, But Far From Hopeless Millennials” joins Kevin as they discuss the Millennial generation and how we can best maximize multiple different relationships with them. Grant brings the wisdom when it comes to how to best interact, lead, parent, befriend, and launch the Millennials we know in our lives to do the work God has called them to do. In some way, we all know a millennial and therefore, you do not want to miss this conversation! 


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